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London, United Kingdom
079 6126 7727

(why no address? that is because we are a London based mobile company who travels to clients, who provide remote access support and web development)

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  • Privacy Policy
    Welcome to Top IT Host Ltd. Users from any part of the world that use our services, will have their information shared internally with those associated with Top IT Host Ltd. Your information will not be given to any third parties, unless consented by you.

    What personal information does Top IT Host Ltd collect?
    We collect your name, company details such as business name, address, website, telephone number, email, if you have contacted us via our contact form, submitted the Get a Quote form or used our Remote Support form. We keep these details for as long as necessary to generate quotes, invoices or to contact you in relation to your submitted enquiry.

    How long is your personal information stored?
    We might keep your information longer than mentioned above if you enter a service contract with us. We will include our retention policy with our contracts.

    What third parties will have access to my personal information?
    We at Top IT Host Ltd will keep your personal information within our internal system. We will not share your details with any third parties unless instructed by you. Any personal information that maybe passed on to third parties will be done by with your consent through the use of Top IT Host Ltd. We will not be responsible how your data is used by the third parties.

    What are your rights?
    The right to access and acquire a copy of your personal information if we hold any.

    The right to have your personal data deleted and removed from our system
    You have the right to request for any or all of your personal information to be deleted from our system. However, we will evaluate each request subject to any obligations or legal rights regarding this data. Please note, once your information has been deleted and removed from our system we might not be able to provide you with a service. If you wish to rejoin the company you will need to re-register and re-enter your personal information.

    How to contact us?
    If you wish to discuss or require more information regarding the statement you have read then please contact us through one of the following methods:

    Email us at

    How are you notified of any changes?
    Any changes that are made to this statement will be posted on our, please check our site regularly to stay up to date with the changes.

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