We are specialized in Workgroups Networks, Microsfoft Windows Servers, VPN (data access from an external location), Wireless Networking, Security and structured network cabling solutions

Comprehensive solution to protect your network / systems against hackers and computer viruses. We can provide all the support you require through a single and highly professional resource

Whether you are a small, medium or large company we can design a solution to provide both on-site and off-site daily backup and data/disaster recovery facility with cutting edge technology.


Tailored IT Consultancy

We offer IT Consultancy to Businesses in order to get a high level overview of what our client is looking to achieve. From there we can design cost effective technical solutions to achieve their goals, whether that is project related, new services, new software, new hardware, cost reduction or simply just network related issues. Our  technical consultancy and personal services coupled with cost effective solutions can be a fantastic package for Businesses to start competing when it comes to their Information Technology.

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Our offerings have given enough reasons for a growing number of customers to feel satisfied about their association with us